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People are INDIVIDUALS & no one INDIVIDUAL is single-handedly responsible for their respective language. Hillary Clinton has written a lot of books, but I’m pretty sure the Dictionary isn’t one of them, nor is the Bible.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

Emotional Intelligence in Language

I have a close personal female friend that breaks my heart every time I go into my Facebook News Feed & read her posts.

It is filled with AMENS.

In Spanish.

While I am Christian, I am not Catholic but have come to respect many Catholic rituals & traditions: like all those Hail Marys.

I would like to look my friend in the eye & say “Amiga. You are my friend. My FEMALE friend in ANY LANGUAGE – English, Spanish – you are my FRIEND. I am a WOMAN. You are a WOMAN. Can I get a couple Hail Mary’s to go with all those AMENS you keep posting?”

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