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Mother Nature??? Can We Stop Humanizing the Weather?

Mother Nature

UPDATE: Local remembrances of 2017's Hurricane Harvey continue to pour in as many in our area are still trying to recover. Here is a gentle reminder of how we speak about weather-related events

On This Day: August 27, 2017. The outpouring of support near & far for Hurricane Harvey Survivors has been heart-warming to say the least. Our city has been so devastated, even for those of us who were lucky enough to still have a place to call home.

Harvey's effects will be felt in all of Southeast Texas for years.


Earlier this year, one of our local meteorologists wrote an Op/Ed piece in his blog about "Humanizing the Weather" & how this is wrong & people should stop it.

This really resonated with me & I thought "You're right."

What gets me is that storm names alternate between Male & Female, yet several local Meteorologists around here keeping referring to "Mother Nature" even though Harvey is a MALE name.