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Remembering Hurricane Harvey Our 500-Year Flood

UPDATE: While the Tropics have been pretty quiet this year, we are only at the half-way point in the Hurricane Season for 2019. Thousands of families are still waiting for financial assistance for home-repair reimbursement for the damage done during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.


Thankfully me & my loved ones are still high & dry with lights and power at this point on day three of Hurricane Harvey. The Category 4 Hurricane made landfall southwest of us in Rockport, Texas which has pretty much been wiped off the map. My heart goes out to those people.

There are now high-water rescues all across Houston overnight as we slept.

The rain is forecast to continue all week this week.

This picture is from Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. I-45 South @ Dickinson Bayou where our old house is, now has 3 feet of water on the Freeway!!!

I wonder if the new owners of my house have standing water in the house yet?

To give perspective on the rise of the Bayou, our house was built on a sloping man-made hill that acted like our own retention pond that kept water out of our house during Tropical Storm Allison back in 2001. Here I am with my daughter Elissa & son Peter. You can see the slope of our backyard that kept water out of our house.

This morning I woke up to reports of 3 feet of water on the Freeway in this location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for the Bayou City.

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