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Technological Compatibility

Technological Compatibility

Tech tools are designed to improve our lives, make our lives better. Most days I wanna heave my PC right out the window.

In order for anyone doing business online - which is pretty much everyone these days, we don't think about all that goes into smooth operations across all Internet Platforms & Hardware/Software Manufacturers.

What I've been experiencing in my business lately is almost like a return to the early days of the World Wide Web, with Prehistoric Computers & Dial-Up Internet Connections.

Nobody had Internet back then, including myself

Remember America Online, with their Tagline "You've Got Mail?".

Earlier this year, Google had major changes in their platform that necessitated additional website maintenance on the part of Small Business Owners like myself.

Facebook is also rolling out technological upgrades to their platform, as everyone can see for themselves with the Social Engagement Program called "Badges."