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The Spirituality of Death & Dying

The Spirituality of Death & Dying

The Christian Calendar is based on Christ rising from the dead for the soul salvation of believers.

All religions have teachings on spirituality at time of death.

When death is the result of natural causes such as a prolonged illness, we take great comfort in the fact that it is an end to suffering: that the deceased is released from pain.

When death is caused by the violent acts of men, we question American values. And rightfully so. Do we value guns or do we value people?

When we put our grief into action in a positive way, we don't seek revenge.

The manner in which two very different presidents address the nation's pain could not be more different.

When 9 members of the the Mother Emanuel Church were gunned down in cold blood, this is how the Comforter in Chief, Barack Obama responded:

When 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas were killed in the most recent mass murder, how did the current administration face the students???

The word Coward springs to mind. Forget heroes. The #ApprenticePresident could not even face these grieving high school students.

The 2nd Amendment, an outdated, antiquated law was written at a time when the most destructive weapon available was a Muscat.

It is time for this country to stop bowing to the NRA, repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment, making Gun Ownership a privilege that can be rescinded and NOT a Right.

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