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It's Time for Churches to Pay Taxes

UPDATE 11:04am Free Political Advertising. That's how I feel about organized Religion in this country. I am steadfast & resolute in my opinion on this: Churches should pay taxes.

The Christian Church as a whole is very egotistical in the notion that Christianity is the one "true" religion & followers of all other faiths are doomed. Does anyone really know Who God is?

Beyond that, when the Christian Church is Legislating moral values on the rest of the Country, we need a Constitutional Amendment mandating an official Separation of Church & State, along with a provision to alter the Tax Code to treat Churches like any other Business.

Then maybe we could pay down the National Debit, Balance the Federal Budget & pay for things this country REALLY NEEDS like HEALTHCARE.


Originally Posted October 14, 2018. Yesterday, I asked for an "Amen GIRLS." Well, here it is. MISOGYNY in the Church has been from the beginning in Genesis 3, & I for one HAVE HAD IT.

"They" say Religion & Politics are two subjects people shouldn't talk about.

Well, look at what silence has gotten us - look what "They" are doing

Does this look like Separation of Church & State - or more like a BULLY PULPIT?


This is OUTRAGEOUS & INFURIATING. Who needs Russian meddling in our Elections when we have The Church using their MASSIVE platform to call the shots?

Separation of Church & State. Is It Time for Churches to Pay TAXES?

Tax Dollar Allocation. It's WHY We Vote

With respect to the Bible, do you realize that "The Word of God" had SEVERAL AUTHORS - & EVIDENCE of CENSORSHIP of the Bible was found in 1947.

From my Personal Facebook Page:

Dead Sea Scrolls: EVIDENCE of Censorship of the Bible.

Dead Sea Scrolls. Evidence of CENSORSHIP of the Bible

Evidence that several books of the Bible were edited out were discovered in 1947: The Dead Sea Scrolls. I saw this exhibit for myself at the Houston Museum of Natural Science when it was here. I am only just now beginning to understand what I saw with my own two eyes nine years ago in 2005.

The lies began from the beginning & center around the role of women.


The Book of Genesis teaches us that Adam & Eve were the first people on Earth: that Eve was fashioned from Man's rib & given to him.


The story in the Jewish Torah is very different. According to the Torah, Adam was the first person on Earth to go through a divorce. The Jewish holy book states that Adam's first wife, Lilith was created from dust the same as Adam to be his EQUAL COMPANION - not his property. Not being Jewish, I don't know that much about Lilith & from the bits & pieces I read or heard, I think she was much maligned by history - just as Eve was blamed for Original Sin: eating the apple.


Wasn't Eve beguiled by the serpent - who was said to be Satan in disguise??? That IS the Christian Biblical teaching, right???


In truth the early women of the Bible & other World Religions were the 1st feminist to practice celibacy - much like Catholic Priest & Nuns swear a vow of celibacy. The Church & humanity needed women to crank out children like baby factories for procreation of the species. Mortality back then was high, not only due to disease & famine, but also from falling vicitm to the Holy Wars being waged by societies.


I was shocked to learn that one of the books discovered in 1947 was written by St Peter himself & dealt with another early feminist: Thecla.


Thecla also swore a vow of celibacy.