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In God We Trust?

Several people I care about have names that imply money. They will appreciate what I'm saying here. The point is to get everyone to understand why a Constitutional Amendment officially making Separation of Church & state written into our Constitution is so sorely needed.


This is the American Dollar Bill. (something that I have very few of.)

On it, it clearly states, "In God We Trust."

Where on it does it say "In Jesus we Trust?"


"In Christ We Trust?"

This is the United States of America One Dollar Note, yet there sits an Egyptian Pyramid.


Egyptian Theology is Polytheistic, meaning many Gods, plural, much like the Hindu Religion.

Muslims, like Christians & Jews pray to one God. They call him Allah.

Tomorrow is September 11th, the Anniversary of the greatest terror attack on American soil - committed by the heinous acts of INDIVIDUALS.

Should all Muslims be afraid & ashamed of their faith due solely to the acts of INDIVIDUALS OTHER THAN THEMSELVES???

I've been thinking along these lines for a very long time. I didn't just wake up one day & decide it was time to take on the Christian-based society we all share.

This is me, 30 years ago with my MUSLIM boyfriend 30 years ago when NOBODY was Bi-Racial.

He & his family did not fly planes into buildings in New York or Pennsylvania or Washington 18 years ago on September 11, 2001.

Should he & his family be made to feel responsible purely because they're MUSLIM???

If I could teach one thing, it would be the fact that PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS.

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