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911. Balancing a Good News Bad News Day. The Country Remembers

On the 18th Anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks on our country remembers the day tragedy struck home. We remember the First Responders. We remember the lives that were lost. We remember the families that were forever changed & we remember the loved ones that won't be coming home.

But the living need to keep living.

How do we reconcile the terrible things we see with the good in the world?

What if 911 was your BIRTHDAY???

My Dad was born on 9/11/1942.

Should you able to celebrate a happy occasion in your life or should your birthday be forever ruined by a national tragedy???

So this post is kind of late in the day being posted - after wiping my tears & collecting my thoughts & searching for an appropriate image for this post, I thought I would start with my thoughts from my personal Facebook Page. Many of my ideas come directly from here:

The 411 on 911

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