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Senate Ethics Committee Call to Action

Senate Ethics Committee Call to Action

Solicitation of Foreign Interference into our Electoral process for the 2nd time is an Impeachable Offense. The recent actions of the President of the United States in an effort to dig up dirt on a Political Rival, former Vice President Joe Biden is an inexcusable attack on our democracy.

He might as well have stated that he did it before with the Russians & he's doing it again in Ukraine.

The latest Impeachable Offense should be enough for the Trumplicans to do the right thing to join Democrats in defending our Constitution,, but it may not if they continue their UNETHICAL stonewalling.

The Impeachment Inquiry & subsequent articles of Impeachment announced by House Leader Nancy Pelosi yesterday should EASILY pass confirmation in the Democratic Controlled House of Representatives

It is the Republican-controlled Senate that needs to hear from us.

Below is the Phone Number & a link to the Senate Ethics Committee.

Take five minutes out of your day today & make your voice be heard on this issue.

Telephone: (202) 224-2981

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