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People Are Individuals. Circulation + Audience

People are Individuals. I can't say it enough. Today is October 14th. It is also Columbus Day. This morning one of our local News Broadcasters did an insulting & infuriating piece on SMELLY DISHWASHERS

When the viewing public turns on their TVs for News & Information, we give them our TRUST through Implied Credibility. that the Information is True, Balanced & FAIR.

What this young black woman did amounts to the wholesale Slander of an entire CLASS OF INDIVIDUALS, namely WOMEN.

Broadcasters have an obligation to the Public. Their Circulation & their Audience NUMBERS in the Millions of Viewers.

Maybe 10 people ever see or hear a thing I say.

Gee, I wonder WHY Hillary Clinton isn't our 45th President???

Learn to treat People as INDIVIDUALS.

Learn to treat INDIVIDUALS with RESPECT.

Learn to speak with Emotional Intelligence.

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