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Houston We Have Teamwork

Houston We Have Teamwork

The Houston Astros are once again World Series bound & we have Jose Altuve to thank for it. When we think of any number of stand-out players on the Team Roster that could have stepped up to the plate to bring the American League Championship back to Minute Maid Park - and with it a chance at our 2nd World Series victory, it was Altuve that secured the "W" for the Team.

A reason for the City of Houston to take a step back from all that's currently happening around the country & around the world and be happy.

A momentary distraction from the rancorous & divisive Politics happening with an Impeachment Inquiry underway & Early Voting starting locally for Houstonians tomorrow.

When people work together for the good of all, good things happen.

This is how we show Sportsman-like behavior.

So, this is me in 2018 during the Mid-Term Elections, which honestly it was an instance of being in the Right Place at the Right Time to get this picture with the Houston Astros World Series Trophy.

I happened to be at a friend of mine's Campaign Headquarters helping her with Phone Banking in her bid for Elected Office, when "lo and behold," there was the Trophy on its' City-Wide Tour of Houston perched right in the lobby for all to share in the glory.

My family & friends would likely "LOL" at me being pictured with a Sports Trophy of any kind, because well, quite frankly I'm not a Sports Fan of any kind.

But why not me?

The Team made a concerted-effort to share the glory with the WHOLE CITY.