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Houston We Have Teamwork

Houston We Have Teamwork

The Houston Astros are once again World Series bound & we have Jose Altuve to thank for it. When we think of any number of stand-out players on the Team Roster that could have stepped up to the plate to bring the American League Championship back to Minute Maid Park - and with it a chance at our 2nd World Series victory, it was Altuve that secured the "W" for the Team.

A reason for the City of Houston to take a step back from all that's currently happening around the country & around the world and be happy.

A momentary distraction from the rancorous & divisive Politics happening with an Impeachment Inquiry underway & Early Voting starting locally for Houstonians tomorrow.

When people work together for the good of all, good things happen.

This is how we show Sportsman-like behavior.

So, this is me in 2018 during the Mid-Term Elections, which honestly it was an instance of being in the Right Place at the Right Time to get this picture with the Houston Astros World Series Trophy.

I happened to be at a friend of mine's Campaign Headquarters helping her with Phone Banking in her bid for Elected Office, when "lo and behold," there was the Trophy on its' City-Wide Tour of Houston perched right in the lobby for all to share in the glory.

My family & friends would likely "LOL" at me being pictured with a Sports Trophy of any kind, because well, quite frankly I'm not a Sports Fan of any kind.

But why not me?

The Team made a concerted-effort to share the glory with the WHOLE CITY.

This speaks to SPORTSMANSHIP - or lack there of.

During the Mid-Term Elections, I willing, freely sacrificed myself & what I was doing with my life & my little business, to volunteer for like-minded INDIVIDUALS on the Democratic Ticket for the greater good.

Can I tell you that some - not all - of these people turned around & attacked me Politically over a NAME???

The NAME was Stan Stanart - who is a Republican Man.

I am a Democratic Woman.

When I say PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS - this is what I'm saying.

Stan Stanart lost his Election & I am still feeling the ramifications of HIS loss.

Interesting side note - the Woman who won is actually a very nice person. I've bumped into her many, many, many times at Political Campaign events & even SIGNED HER PETITION TO EVEN GET ON THE BALLOT to opposed Stanart in the first place.

When we recognize that PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS, we Win or Lose with Grace.

We don't exhibit overly-aggressive competition with each other.

We exhibit Good Sportsmanship.

Learn to treat People as Individuals.

Learn to treat Individuals with Respect.

Get, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy" here & be sure to read the Chapter on Team Building:

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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