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Impeachment Substance VS Process. Call the Senate

Call the Senate to Support Impeachment

Public Hearings of the impeachment of Donald Trump begins today & the country couldn't be more divided along Partisan lines.

Devon Nunes just gave the Trumplican response to the Opening Remarks by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in a stunning attack on the Process (as expected) setting the tone of the Trumplican strategy.

It was stunningly hypocritical to hear him characterize the private portion of the Investigation as "Staging a Reality Show."

Isn't that exactly how the #ApprenticePresident managed to steal the 2016 election?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a fountain of patience in carefully proceeding with the Impeachment Inquiry that the majority of Democrats like myself thought should have begun after the Mueller Investigation was complete.

The ONLY reason Robert Mueller didn't indict the #ApprenticePresident at that time is due to the current Law on the books that "a sitting President cannot be Indicted."


The #AprenticePresident has been given chance after chance after chance after chance that any other ordinary Citizen would not have been afforded - PUTTING THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY ABOVE THE LAW.

This flies in the face of everything that the framers of our Constitution tried to protect us from.

So, one more time, call your Senators & let them know that you support Impeachment

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