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Has the 1st Amendment Gone Too Far? Rap Music is Hate Speech Against Women

Why is PINK Symbolic Coded Language for WOMEN???

UPDATE. Happy Sunday to the Girls. The American Music Awards are tonight, just in time for Thanksgiving, Perfect time to reprise this Blog Post with my thought on Misogynistic attitudes towards Women in broadcast of all kinds.


Yesterday, on April 30, 2019, the Equal Rights Amendment was heard on the floor of Congress for the first time in YEARS. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment would prevent the kind of institutionalized, systemic MISOGYNY - Hate Speech against women as unacceptable in all kinds of Pop Culture, particularly Broadcast.

We, the American People give broadcasters our trust that when we look to the Media for News & Information about the world we all share is true, fair & balanced. This is Implied Credibility.

The 1st Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, the Right of Peaceful Assembly & Freedom of Religion.

The 1st Amendment, however, does NOT protect speech that is OBSCENE.

For example, can use of the COLOR PINK in a symbolic fashion be considered Hate Speech against WOMEN??? The Color Pink makes people happy, right??? Who decided that Pink Things are "Code" for Women anyway???

Broadcasters, TV Executives, TV Producers, Radio Stations & Musicians are spewing HATE SPEECH AGAINST WOMEN, in STAGING their wardrobes, in the timing of their reports & in the Editorial Slant of the "News" in a Passive-Aggressive fashion and it is not being called out by the public for what it is.

In effect, this is teaching the public through observation that WOMEN are to blame for the hours on the clock - when actually women are VICTIMIZED by those insulting NUMBERS.

These misleading subliminal messages are coloring the opinions of millions & millions & millions of people in the viewing public due to massive AUDIENCE SIZE, also known as CIRCULATION.

Then there's the BLATANT offense of foul Music Lyrics, particularly in Rap Music.

I would welcome anyone to do a very unscientific experiment to see if this is true: spend one hour on Rap Radio - pick a station, any station & COUNT the NUMBER of foul obscenities against Women.

Many have coined the term "Toxic Masculinity" to describe these vulgar attacks. Honestly, the proper term is MISOGYNY. (I would even make the case for Reverse-Racism.)

Trash like this is full-on REVERSE RACISM on Public Display, inciting HATRED OF WOMEN.

Bitch Go Die:

Smack a Bitch:

Move Bitch:

Whatever we call it, it for a fact is HATE SPEECH, & is OBSCENE on its' face.

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