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Giving Tuesday. Seeking Corporate Partners, Corporate Sponsors for Civility Project

This Giving Tuesday UNselfie yourself & invest in Small Business. Seeking Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Partners & Individual Donations to fund the critical mission of ending Bullying.

Giving Tuesday, UNselfie Corporate Donors, Corporate Sponsors

In general, #GivingTuesday is for Non-Profits. Revolving Door HR is very much a For-Profit Business that is about to go Out of Business without your help.

Giving Tuesday, UNselfie, Corporate Sponsors

When the biggest Bully on the planet can be elected to the highest office in this land, we have a CRITICAL PROBLEM in America.

Corporate Partners, Corporate Donors, Corporate Partners

What I view as even more disturbing than who one person is, is that there are millions more just like him that think name calling, bullying & personal attacks are ok.

I’m about to burst a blood vessel doing everything I can think of to do, but I’m going broke trying to do this full time.

This critically vital mission I’m on stands to benefit millions of PEOPLE – not just women, but all of us.

Say, "Yes. I will help fund this critical mission."

For Partnership inquiries, email RevolvingDoorHR@gmail.com

For Corporate Sponsors, give to the Revolving Door here:

Invest in Support Small Business This Giving Tuesday

*All Investments/Donations accepted through PayPal for your privacy & security.

Making this world we all share a more CIVILIZED place for millions of INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE is very worthy of your support.

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