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Milk: It Does a Body Good

Milk. It Does a Body Good

Emotional Intelligence teaches us caring, empathy, the ability to put ourselves in someone else’ shoes and treating other INDIVIDUALS as we would like to be treated ourselves: like an INDIVIDUAL.

UPDATE. Nothing says Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays like people's misplaced outrage over bad advertising. The current Internet Outrage is over a commercial for exercise equipment manufacturer Peleton.

Where is the Public outcry for the SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC ATTACKS on Milk???

The most recent disgrace is the Mint Mobile ad for "Chunky-Style Milk."


THIS is why we do still need to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution: to FEDERALLY PROTECT WOMEN from Sexist, Misogynistic HATE SPEECH.

New for 2018, I thought I would explore some of the many root causes of 20th Century Misogyny, how it happened & how we can fix it beginning with the campaign for Lactaid Milk.

PEOPLE are affected by the things we see on TV & hear on the Radio. I have included the Youtube Video to this ad campaign on my page. How does this make you feel when you see & hear this?

Yesterday was MLK Day in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. His teachings were of equality, inclusion, & respect for all people.

I wonder what he would say about Equal Rights for Women if he were alive today?

Stay tuned.

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