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Repeated Solicitation of Foreign Interference

UPDATE. Even as formal Articles of Impeachment were being presented to the American People, the #FakePresident who continues to hold himself out as being "real," continues to thumb his nose at the public as if to say "I did it before, watch me do it again."

In an infuriatingly bold move, he had the nerve to invite the Russian Ambassador to the White House while this was going on.

The number of convictions of people in the Trump Administration is STUNNING, yet the complete & total lack of ETHICS among Republicans, who continue to attack the "unfair process" refuse to comply with Congressional Subpoenas. This is the definition of Obstruction of Justice.

Yesterday at a rally in Hershey, PA he referred to the Formal Articles of Impeachment as "Impeachment Light" and the "weakest Impeachment he's ever seen."

Let's remind him of this. We need an Amendment to the Articles of Impeachment to remind him that the only reason he wasn't indicted by Mueller was the Department of Justice Directive that "a sitting President cannot be formally charged."

Repeated Solicitation of Foreign Interference

Yesterday's indictments by the Mueller investigative team at the FBI confirmed what we already knew: Russian meddling cost Hillary Clinton the Election.

Many words have been used to describe this kind of tactic: Propaganda, Conspiracy, Collusion - & what is this word "collusion" anyway? Has conspiracy become so over-used that people are now referring to it as "collusion?"

Whatever you call it, it boils down to out-right Character Assassination against Hillary Clinton. I am so furious on her behalf, I could just chew nails.

All Journalism Majors are REQUIRED to take Libel Law in college. What the #FakePresident keeps referring to as #FakeNews is actually LIBELOUS SLANDER.

Libel is slanderous language that harms a person's reputation, with a "reckless disregard for the truth. Reckless Disregard is defined as failure to check facts or speech that is knowingly false

The three elements that must exist for Libel or Slander to occur are:

1. Is it False?

2. Is it circulated?

3. Did people believe it?

The essential element is BELIEF because no slander can exist without belief.

For example, if something is so outlandish & far-fetched that nobody would believe it, there is no slander - like many of the headlines in the Tabloid Gossip magazines.

What the Mueller Investigation DID uncover is that Russian agents set up fake Social Media accounts, not so much to help the #FakePresident steal the Election from Hillary Clinton, but to also to throw such discord into American Society that we become a divided & conquered nation at each other's throats.

I think the FACT that Hillary has been SLANDERED INTO OBLIVION ON SOCIAL MEDIA has been proven.

Ironic that the #FakePresident now wants to talk about Due Process.

Due Process is the basic Legal Right that people are Innocent until Proven Guilty - not tried & convicted in the Court of Public Opinion.

Where was the Due Process for "Crooked Hillary?" Where was the Due Process for "Lyin Ted Cruz?" (who I can't stand, BTW, but seriously???)

We know that previous indictments & subsequent guilty pleas from members of Trump's Campaign & Transition teams have proved PERJURY - lying under oath.


The investigations continue, who knows where they will lead? Maybe to a public chant of "Lock HIM up?"

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