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Translating the Bible From Aramaic

Translating the Bible From Aramaic

What do you get for someone who has everything, is currently down-sizing & says "No, No, No. Don't get me anything for Christmas?"

I can actually understand the "down-sizing" part myself as I live in a broom closet. My condominium is so small there is hardly room to turn around, let alone have storage space for so much as a toothpick.

So I get that.

Down the street from me is a Catholic Bookstore, so I got what I thought was a brilliant idea: a Bible. I will get them a Bible for Christmas.

My family is mostly Baptist, not Catholic, but I have had a new-found respect for Catholicism with their reverence for the Virgin Mary for several years now, so I thought why not?

Since 2006 after seeing the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, I've been questioning if "the Word of God" is really "the Word of Men."

In reality, the most important book ever written, the Christian Bible isn't one book written by one person, or as we are taught, literally the Word of God.

Most accurately, it is an Anthology - a collection of short stories or historical accounts of events by people, mostly men, who lived during Biblical times.

Ruth and Esther are the only two Books of the Bible that were written by female authors.

Mathew, Mark, Luke, John & Paul are some of the more prominent names of the Apostles that spring to mind.

Acts of treachery & Conflict of Interest fill the pages of the Bible. Why else would we need the 10 Commandments?

The Dead Sea Scrolls unearthed in 1947 in a cave by a young shepherd boy tending his sheep, are said to be the lost Books of the Bible that were edited out.



When this exhibit paid a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in 2006, of course I went.

The following from my Personal Facebook Page is what I wrote some years later on the subject:

The original language of the Bible was Aramaic. Over the centuries it has been translated into every language on the planet.

What if something as harmless & inocculus as a mistaken word here or a wrong translation there occurred?

What if there was a Conflict of Interest on the part of the person doing the translation - willfully changing the meaning of a sentence here a paragraph there?

What if???

Misogyny in the Bible: From the Beginning

What if women have been SLANDERED in the Bible from the beginning?

This is what I believe.

More on this soon.

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