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13. Really

The Da Vinci Codes

There are many Theories on how the NUMBER 13 came to be viewed as unlucky. Having the dubious distinction of being born on Friday the 13th, I have been interested in this subject my entire life. I have to question "are the willful acts of men bad luck, or is this the willful acts of men?"

A sad reality of American Life since the 2016 Election has been the need for primers on "How to Speak to your Republican Relatives at Thanksgiving Dinner."

I have been a Registered Democrat for years now, but this is the sad reality in my family.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "Food Fight."

I thought for today I would relate a personal story of just how divisive the #ApprenticePresident has been.

I have a sister that I no longer claim as family & might never speak to again as long as I live.

She is so delusional right now she thinks she actually is Ivanka Trump or perhaps even Jared Kushner - and is hell-bent on STEALING MY IDENTITY.

I'm pretty sure she knows for a fact that I was born on Friday the 13th, but the Local ABC Affiliate in Houston is Channel 13.

I'm pretty sure she for a fact knows that Broadcast really IS our family's business - my COUSIN'S FAMILY BUSINESS.

Validation of What is Real

This person that I no longer claim as family has been DEMANDING to be 13 for years now.

Does anyone know what it means to be 13?

Is it lucky or unlucky???

Is 13 a blessing or a curse???

She has been making these DEMANDS since before my mother died 7 years ago.

Things have been bad since my Mom's funeral, but last year was the final straw.

She had an excursion to a MUSEUM in Galveston.

At Thanksgiving.


Would that be the MUSEUM where the Mona Lisa is housed???

I'm pretty sure she knows for a fact that MY name has been LISA from the day I was born - on FRIDAY THE 13TH.

So this is my NIGHTMARE story about how the #ApprenticePresident is DIVIDING FAMILIES who WATCH TOO MUCH TV.

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

Does my nightmare resonate with anyone?

Who in your life acts this way???

Is "13" lucky, unlucky or "the willful acts of men?"

When I do watch TV these days it tends to be documentaries of any kind anywhere I can find them.

One subject that I really got into was The Mysteries of 'Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci', Nov. 3, 2003, by Elizabeth Vargas when she was still on ABC.

This was the basis of the Dan Brown book, "The Da Vinci Codes."

Who knows if Jesus was married & had a child, but again, it is worthwhile programming & better than any Soap Opera.

Elizabeth Vargas on the DaVinvi Code

I bought this when it first came out when Elizabeth Vargas was still on ABC.

The Mysteries of 'Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci' Nov. 3, 2003 -- For most of the last 2,000 years, the Catholic Church called Mary Magdalene a prostitute who gave up her sinful life to follow Jesus.But some people believe that Mary Magdalene was maligned through the centuries, and that she actually played a much more significant role in Jesus' life: as his wife, the mother of his child, and the most important of his disciples.
The truth, they believe, was deliberately suppressed by church leaders. There is a theory that the truth about Mary was kept alive by a secret society known as the Priory of Sion, whose members included some of the greatest artists and thinkers of Western civilization, including Leonardo Da Vinci.
Author Dan Brown believes the renaissance master encoded the truth in some of his most famous paintings. His best-selling book, The Da Vinci Code, has a lot of people talking these days. The book is a novel, but author Dan Brown says much if it is drawn from historical evidence.
To investigate some of the claims in the book, ABCNEWS' Elizabeth Vargas traveled from one edge of the Mediterranean to the other. She found that not all the claims in the book are credible, but that some of them appear to have elements of truth.
Wasn't She a Prostitute?The depiction of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute has its origins in interpretations of Luke's gospel, where it says she was cured of seven demons.
She's also introduced Luke right after a story about a prostitute whom Jesus forgives for her sins. In the year 591, Pope Gregory the Great overlapped the two identities.
The Vatican eventually corrected that impression, but not until 1969, 1,378 years later.
Brown believes the church allowed the confusion to obscure the truth about Mary's relationship with Jesus.
Scholars said the confusion has eclipsed important information the Bible does provide about Mary Magdalene.
"She's perhaps the most frequently mentioned woman who is among the followers of Jesus in the Gospels of the New Testament," said Biblical scholar Elaine Pagels.
The Rev. Richard McBrien of Notre Dame University said he thinks Mary Magdalene would have been recognized as one of Jesus' main apostles — and possibly the key apostle — had she been a man.
Margaret Starbird, who wrote several books that Dan Brown relied upon in writing The Da Vinci Code, said the Bible suggests she might have been Jesus' wife.
The Gospel according to John tells the story of a woman named Mary who anoints Jesus' feet with oil and wipes it away with her hair which is a marriage ritual, she said. And even though the woman is identified as Mary of Bethany, not Mary Magdalene, Starbird believes they are the same person.
Deciphering the Code in his novel, Brown says there is an apparent omission in Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting "The Last Supper": the Holy Grail, or the chalice from which the disciples allegedly drank their wine, is missing, he said.
But he says the Holy Grail actually is there, on the right hand of Jesus. He says the grail is the figure to the right of Jesus — commonly thought to be John, but actually Mary Magdalene.
Some versions of the legend of the Holy Grail say it was taken out of Jerusalem and hidden away in Europe for centuries. Another legend holds that Mary Magdalene arrived on the coast of Provence in southern France with a boatload of Jesus' followers sometime after the crucifixion.
This was when I began to question if the "word of God" is really the "Word of Men."

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