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Quid Pro Quo and ETHICAL Standards for Insurance Agents. #ImpeachDonaldTrump

Quid Pro Quo and ETHICAL STANDARDS for Insurance Agents.  #ImpeachDonaldTrump

When Health Insurance Agents like myself are held to a Higher Ethical Standard than the "Leader of the Free World" we have more than a Constitutional Crisis in the Presidency, but at all levels of Government.

The Senate Ethics Committee is FAILING to hold this President accountable, as well as a failure to examine their own Motivations in stonewalling Congressional Impeachment Proceedings. Obstruction of Congress to conduct their Constitutionally-mandated oversight of the Executive Branch of our Government is so UNETHICAL

If any other ordinary Citizen were to have done half of what this "President" has done in Full View of the American People - no Investigation required, we would be in prison with Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone & others who have already been convicted of crimes committed during the Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign.

The NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioner) is the Governing body for the Insurance Industry. Compliance Rules & Regulations are STRICT & the PENALTIES SEVERE for failure of Licensed Insurance Agents to comply.

Thankfully in 13 years of doing this I h ave a spotless, squeaky-clean record of service, with not so much as a slap on my wrist.



Quid Pro Quo, Bribes, Rebates & Enticements to Purchase Medicare Plans are taken seriously in the Industry & the #1 reason I have been calling for Complete & Total ETHICS REFORM in our Government.

All Agents, but particularly those offering MEDICARE are limited to $15 TOTAL Per Person expenditure at Educational Seminars, Health Fairs or Prospecting Events of any kind.