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Advertising Hall of Shame: MD Anderson Cancer Center. How Many Do I Want in the FIGHT of My Life?

Advertising Hall of Shame: How Many Do I Want in the FIGHT of my Life?

Passive-Aggression in the public is a problem. Anger Management in the public is a problem. Road Raging in the public is a problem. Bullying in the public is a problem & this is part of the reason why.

Houston's premier Cancer Research & Treatment Hospital asks the question "How Many Do I Want in the FIGHT of My Life?" in their latest Ad Campaign that has been airing for 3 or 4 years now.

How does this make you feel when you see this?

Does it make you feel comforted & reassured that Cancer is not a death sentence - that you "CAN" survive & thrive thanks to treatments & therapies that make cancer remission possible?

Or does it piss you off? Feel angry? Make you mad?

MD Anderson's Ad Campaign 'How Many do I Want in the FIGHT of my Life?" isn't Passive-Aggressive, it is OBNOXIOUSLY OVERTLY AGGRESSIVE.

In my opinion, MD Anderson is NOT Curing CANCER - they are CAUSING CANCER, they ARE A CANCER.

Granted this ad was produced by an Advertising Agency, but someone at the hospital's Administration had to sign off on this Campaign.

Broadcasters & Advertising Agencies need to think about what messages they are releasing into the world.

Does this Help or does this Hurt?

Compare that with these GOOD Medical Provider Ads

Methodist Hospital "Leading Medicine"

Cancer Centers of America: "The Mother Standard of Care"

This from Memorial Hermann Hospital: "Chose Care That's Changing Lives"

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