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World CANcer Day

Please Forward if You CAN Read This #NationalCANcerDay

My Mom Brenda Annette Stanley died of CANcer on August 12, 2012 just shy of turning 70 years old. I think one of the saddest things I've ever lived through was watching her wake-up to the realization of how society ATTACKS WOMEN on a daily basis with Sexist, Misogynistic Coded Language.

Today, February 4th is World Cancer Day.

I cannot help but wonder who decided to make today the day & what their motivation for making 2/4 "World CANcer day.

Today's Public Domain Image featuring an Alpha-Numeric "Brain Study" is pure genius.

Asking people to "Please Forward if You CAN Read This," this is an effort to share as far & wide as possible to get the word out that this is how SOME PEOPLE speak in Symbolic Coded Language.

this is seeking to enlighten people about Symbolic Coded Language.

Just what exactly are they saying??? Is there an ulterior motive?

Aggressive Anger like in this MD Anderson Ad is CREATING a Bully Culture in this country.

Are WOMEN as a CLASS of PEOPLE being Gaslighted?

Who knows.

I can tell you what I am saying.

I am saying I AM a WOMAN

I am saying I AM a WOMAN who had a MOTHER,

I am saying I AM a WOMAN who IS a MOTHER

I am saying I AM a WOMAN who has a DAUGHTER, who is now a MOTHER herself.

I am saying that I LOVE the WOMEN in my life & I'm pretty sure you do too like in this GOOD AD from Cancer Treatment Centers of America with their "Mother Standard of Care Ads.

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