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National Prayer Breakfast 2020

What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus Do? Perhaps Mitt Romney knows. The only Republican to search his soul for the right thing to do: stand with Democrats to impeach the most corrupt President in American History.

The rogue "Commander in Chief" is acting like a Dictator or a King, putting himself above the Law all while standing on the Christian Bible.

Our Country was founded as an escape from Religious persecution by the Catholics against the Protestants & as such Religious Freedom was incorporated into the language of the 1st Amendment.

Religious Freedom is the freedom to practice the Faith of your choice including but not limited to Christianity.

This includes Judaism, Islamic, Buddhist religions or no Religion at all:

"First, the president again displayed a remarkable ability to corrupt, distort and discredit every institution he touches. The prayer breakfast was intended to foster personal connections across party differences. Trump turned it into a performative platform to express his rage and pride — the negation of a Christian ethic. Democrats have every right and reason to avoid this politicized event next year. And religious people of every background should no longer give credence to this parody of a prayer meeting."

All of this having been said, I AM a Christian. As such I gotta wonder what would Jesus think of the current President???

Would Jesus condone Name Calling?

Would Jesus condone Bullying?

Would Jesus condone Lying?

Would Jesus cheat to win an Election?

Would Jesus take from the Poor to give to the Rich?

Jesus was a healer. Would Jesus vote to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE?" Would Jesus take away Life-Saving Health Insurance for people with a Pre-Existing Condition?

I think not.

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