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International Rare Disease Day

International #RareDiseaseDay

February 29, 2020 is Leap Day. In a Leap Year. Leap Day is the Rarest Day of all as we only have Leap Day once every 4 years to correct the mathematical timing in the Calendar.

It is also International Rare Disease Day.

Life is hard enough when we are born with 10 fingers & 10 toes. Not all of us are that lucky.

As a Health Insurance Agent of more than 13 years now, I have never been more profoundly affected by HealthCARE issues of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE than the day my sweet little 4-year-old Grandson was born with a Critical Illness.

While he does have 10 fingers & 10 toes, he does have a Life-threatening Critical Illness that will be with him as long as he lives.

He has a PreExisting Condition FOR LIFE.

THIS is what drives me.

THIS is why I am more Politically Motivated than ever.

THIS is why I do what I do.

In 2019, the Intestinal Malrotation Foundation put out a call for families affected to raise awareness & thereby encourage Research for Treatments & a possible cure by requesting official recognition from our individual State Governors with a State Proclamation of January 15, 2020 to be recognized as Intestinal Malrotation and Volvulus Awareness Day.

To my great surprise, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott DID honor my request, in what I consider to be a Major Coup.

Some people reading this may be aware that the State of Texas, Governor Gregg Abbott & Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are currently leading the way with a Federal Lawsuit in the Supreme Court.

I could not be more FURIOUS.

THIS is how you have a positive expression of anger.

THIS has angered me into action.

The two main provisions of ObamaCARE that are under attack are protections for PEOPLE with PreExisting Conditions & the Individual Mandate that people buy Health Insurance to be declared UnConstitutional.

I IMPLORE Governor Abbott to drop your DISGRACEFUL ATTACK on ObamaCARE.

Below is what I wrote to Thank him for his Official Gubernatorial Proclamation for recognition of Intestinal Malrotation and Volvulus Awareness Day.

He HIMSELF has a PreExisting Condition.

Please do the right thing Governor Abbott.

Intestinal Malrotation and Volvulus Awareness Day

Intestinal Malrotation and Volvulus Awareness Day, 1/15/2020

Bi-Partisan cooperation between Democrats & Republicans make this country work for all of us.

When someone from the other Political Party wins an Election, that does not absolve them from governing & representing all Citizens in their jurisdiction.

Today I would like to thank Texas Governor Greg Abbott for honoring my request to join the Intestinal Malrotation Foundation & others across the country with loved ones facing life with a Rare Disease.

As a Life & Health Insurance Agent for more than 13 years now, providing Life-Saving Care is Personal & Professional for me.

My 4-year-old Grandson is a Volulus Survivor & will need PRESCRIPTION FOOD for the rest of his life unless we have some Medical Miracle Cure through scientific research.

I would like to thank Erin at the Intestinal