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30 Days of Discrimination Towards WOMEN. Womens History Month

UPDATE. Income Inequality & Workplace Harassment were the biggest part of my inspiration for doing what I do.

The Paycheck Fairness Act introduced & passed in the House of Representatives in April of 2019, one of the 400 House Bills languishing of the desk of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell's desk, when Ratified will address the Income Inequality part of that equation:

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment will take care of the Harassment. Situations like this highlight why WOMEN do still need the legal protection of the ERA.

For anyone who's ever wanted to tell their boss to "Take this Job & Shove it," below is a case study of one of my "All-Time Bad Bosses." The striking thing about this one is that it was a Tele-Commuting Work-from-Home position, & this guy was able to reach out from the Internet & attack us from long distance.

One of this guy's biggest problems is that he watches too much TV. Read below:

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Encore Presentation of my March 31st post. April 15th is Income Tax Day. Is it OK to "attack Women on income Tax day" particularly when the FACT is that the Legislators who wrote this Tax Code were likely MEN?

When we study the past, it is to improve our present & future.

It is not enough to celebrate history for history's sake, then rest on our laurels & marvel at our accomplishments with a congratulatory pat on the back.

This is WHY we study history: to take those lessons from the past to make life better for everyone.

I have spent most of the month of March recognizing the past historic achievements of women, then tried to put it all together to encourage people to think about why this matters, how this affects our present & how to apply these lessons to our future.

Tomorrow is April 1st, "April Fool's Day." As such, I have decided to run this piece in advance on on March 31st to encourage people to think for themselves about what our culture does to WOMEN.

Here in the Houston area, it seems that the weather has gotten the advance Memorandum, with wild temperature fluctuations & while there haven't yet been any "Mother Nature" analogies, I fully well expect to begin any day now (hopefully not.)

Finding the Insurance Industry to be a very frustrating, infuriating means of gainful support, I've tried for YEARS to get back into Advertising.

Income Inequality for WOMEN is THE PRIMARY REASON for doing what I do on this Web Page.

When Society thinks it's OK to declare war on women in a Sexist, Misogynistic way, it should go without saying that WOMEN need the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Discrimination towards Women is NOT OK.

Misogyny Is a Problem in America

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Corporate Culture of toxic hostility towards women makes the case for ratification of the #EqualRightsAmendment. Misogynistic attitudes towards women such as this could not exist if women were protected under the Constittution.

This internal sales memo from 2016 was probably my #1 deciding factor in going into business for myself & addressing Income Inequality for Women.

This Memo greeted me in Email on my FIRST DAY working for this man telecommuting working from the safety of my own home - and I got punched in the nose by the MAN I was working for.

His Memo ran from April Fools Day - to April 15th: Income Tax Day. Did he just "attack the girls???"


Yes he did.

The phrase "No Taxation Without Representation" springs to mind.

This is WHY we need the Equal Rights Amendment & WHY we need more Women in Elected Office.

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