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Women Are Electable If We Vote For Them. Women's History Month

Women Are Electable If We Vote For Them.  Women's History Month Day 13

Bullying is a problem

Sexism is a problem

Racism is a problem

Intolerance is a Problem

This has got to stop

It seems to me that people are trying to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN. This is Wrong.

When we begin to understand that people are Individuals we don't scapegoat an entire CLASS of People based on Gender, Race or any other Physical Characteristic like Hair Color.

I look NOTHING like Hillary Clinton. She has short blonde hair. I have long brown hair. That HAIR would have given me ten kinds of fits had she won the Presidency.

When I entered the Voting Booth that day in 2016, I closed my eyes, found my shoulder & said "OK Hillary. Let's do this." It was THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

When people say "I want to vote for someone who looks like me," when people chant "This is what Democracy looks like," they are PREJUDGING BASED ON APPEARANCE.

Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS.

Learn to treat INDIVIDUALS with RESPECT.

Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

Seeking sponsors and like-minded individual investors to bring this idea to life.

Investors Please Click the Image Below to help Fund this Critical Mission.

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