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My Recent Foray into Houston's Own Little Africa, Take This Job & Shove It Edition. Women&#3

UPDATE. Income Inequality for Women is the #1 reason for opening this web page. People are Individuals, but people cannot see my Diversity when I step outside my front door. This is me with my Singaporean MUSLIM boyfriend, Mohammad Fawsi, when I was in College.

As a child of the 60s, raised on Motown & attending Fully-Integrated Schools in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, this was completely normal to me.

When I was in College, my family moved overseas where I was completely immersed in other cultures & World Religions other than Christian.

I was the Minority.

It shaped my personal philosophy of Spirituality - my willingness to see & understand someone's view of the World: to be accepting, inclusive & tolerant of people who are different from me.

Below is what I wrote about yet another instance of what it's like for a White WOMAN to find gainful employment in Houston, Texas without being attacked & harassed on the Job.

I put the best-possible spin on it, because I really liked the young man I was working for.

Now let me tell you what it was REALLY LIKE.

I was TERRIFIED I might be RAPED & MURDERED on the Job.

THIS SPECIFIC JOB is the inspiration for my Blog Piece