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My Recent Foray into Houston's Own Little Africa, Take This Job & Shove It Edition. Women&#3

UPDATE. Income Inequality for Women is the #1 reason for opening this web page. People are Individuals, but people cannot see my Diversity when I step outside my front door. This is me with my Singaporean MUSLIM boyfriend, Mohammad Fawsi, when I was in College.

As a child of the 60s, raised on Motown & attending Fully-Integrated Schools in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, this was completely normal to me.

When I was in College, my family moved overseas where I was completely immersed in other cultures & World Religions other than Christian.

I was the Minority.

It shaped my personal philosophy of Spirituality - my willingness to see & understand someone's view of the World: to be accepting, inclusive & tolerant of people who are different from me.

Below is what I wrote about yet another instance of what it's like for a White WOMAN to find gainful employment in Houston, Texas without being attacked & harassed on the Job.

I put the best-possible spin on it, because I really liked the young man I was working for.

Now let me tell you what it was REALLY LIKE.

I was TERRIFIED I might be RAPED & MURDERED on the Job.

THIS SPECIFIC JOB is the inspiration for my Blog Piece


The particular Client our Company had that I Repped for, had a Contract to offer Free Phones to the Low Income Community, the so-called Obama Phones.

As a Health Insurance Agent enrolling Senior Citizens in MEDICARE, I have a long history of working in the Low Income Community.

Sales of MEDICARE Plans are "kitchen-table Sales" & I worked in some of Houston's finest neighborhoods: The Cuny Homes outside TSU, Sunnyside, West Orem, Wheatley, all over town - but this was very different.

For MEDICARE, I was helping your Grandmother.

Your Grandfather.

Once inside people's homes, I didn't feel unsafe or in fear for my life.

Getting to & from there was a different matter entirely, but working with Low Income Senior Citizens was OK.


Wanting to get out of Health Insurance & get back into Advertising for any number of reasons, I answered an Ad for an Outside Sales Position in 2019.

Enter the Free Phones - again working in & HELPING the Low Income Community.

After our Daily Pep-talk Sales Meeting, as described below, we were paired-off with a Partner, given our quota of Free Phones & sent on our merry ways to get rid of them in any way we saw fit.

Some Teams went to Homeless Shelters like the Star of Hope.

Some Teams went to Soup Kitchens.

Some Teams went Door to Door in large Apartment Complexes.

Some Teams did Roadside-Presentation Tables with folding chairs & a Tent in Parking Lots the Company had a Contract with, like Wal-Mart & Family Dollar stores.

All in the finest neighborhoods in town.

Grassroots Presentation Display Table