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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Nightmare Jobs Edition 2020. Women's History Month

UPDATE for Women's History Month. Just as PEOPLE are Individuals, not all jobs are created equal but they should be. I've worked for some companies that were a joy & some that were just pure hell on earth.

When we study the past it is to improve our present & future, to make our lives better. There is actually a historic precedent in Hollywood of WOMEN bridging the gap in Race Relations, yet daily headlines in the "news" imply that women are the ones "racing."

No, we're not.

The classic 1960's Romantic Comedy "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," with Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier & Katherine Houghton, highlights the follies & foibles of a Bi-Racial couple as a young Black Man asks his White Girlfriend's father for his daughter's hand in marriage.

The WOMEN were the HEROES striving for Racial Equality, yet now, in the year 2020 when we turn on the TV it seems to be Open Season on Women.

When the viewing public turns on the TV, whether we realize it or not we are learning.

What are we learning?

What are we being taught? That we are living vicariously through the lives of actors???

Are we "Coming to dinner?" or are we "Going to dinner?"

"Just say No. That's not right."

And while we're at it, can News Reporters STOP referring to Wednesday as "Hump Day???" It is NOT "Hump Day." It is Wednesday. WORDS MATTER.

People are NOT their Actors, good or bad. And there are a LOT of bad actors out there, such as the #ApprenticePresident.

Name recognition of a TV Character is how the #ApprenticePresident made it into office.

THIS is what is being done to us. People are NOT their actors, good or bad.


Doublespeak, innuendo & coded language is why the whole world has their nose out of joint. If women don't have Equal Rights in this country who is responsible for deciding that 8:40 in the morning is "Time to make the doughnuts?"

Donald Trump continues to divide rather than unite this country & the World. Here in this country, the #ApprenticePresident deepens the racial divide on a daily basis, exaggerating the cries of "white supremacy" among the public,

The problem is bad enough with no exaggeration.

How are WOMEN to blame for the English Language???

Can I tell you that Misogyny is every bit as painful as Racism???

Until we can eradicate the ugliness of people insulting each other based on how they look, the proper term should be Prejudice - not racism.

Can people of color be Racist against white people - particularly racist towards white women?


Yes they can.

I feel it every day - & I'm one of the "good ones" - whatever THAT means.

Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS.

Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

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