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The 19th Amendment Granted WOMEN the Right to Vote. Forecasting EQUALITY 4 Women's History Month

We look to the News for Information about what's going on in the world around us. For March 19th, I decided to drive home the point why the 19th Amendment doesn't go far enough in granting Women equal protection under the law & WHY we do still need to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution.


Our attitudes & opinions are colored & shaped by the things we are shown.

It sets the tone for our day.

Will it rain? Will it be hot?? Will it be Cold??? Will it be nice outside????

And how about all of those NUMBERS on the Weather Map?

How are WOMEN responsible for the Time & Temperature???

Think for yourselves how your own attitudes & opinions are shaped by information you see on TV & hear on the Radio.

2020 has a good chance of being the year the Equal Rights Amendment gets Ratified into the US Constitution.

Don't think WOMEN still need Constitutionally-protected Equality?

Quick show of hands: "How many people VOTED to make History by Electing our first Madam President?"

That's what I thought.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this vintage Meteorology Report from the 1950s.

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