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Equality Equals Peaceful Coexistence. Corona Virus Edition. Women's History Month

International Womens Day, Equal Rights Amendment Womens History Month

UPDATE. Numbers. It seems those terrible numbers have always been part of our past.

Why do they need to keep being part of our present & future???

Does this image inspire "love for WOMEN???"

These California Women's Rights Activists were protesting "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" under the 8th Amendment that is now part of our Constitution, after the Silent Sentinels were brutally beaten & jailed during the "Night of Terror" on November 14, 1917 for protesting at the White House during the Wilson Administration.

These days, people take the right to peacefully protest as a given.

Citizens are "Marching for This & Marching for That & Marching for the Other thing."

As the WORLD is dealing with the Global Crisis that is Covid-19 or the "Corona Virus, there may be singing in the streets, but I'm not sure we're all "Holding hands" & singing "Kum By Ya."

(Not that anyone should be holding hand & doing ANYTHING during Social Distancing.)

I'm also not sure that everyone is toning down the rhetoric either.