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Funding Health CARE. Churches Should Pay Taxes. World Health Day

In the middle of the Christian Holy week, on this World Health Day, the entire planet is Social Distancing to improve outcomes for survival during the Global Covid-19 Crisis.

There has been much a do with respect to whether or not Churches are an Essential Business while the World is doing it's dead-level best to contain this deadly virus & save more lives during the crisis we're all living through.

Everyone is more mindful about sanitation, sterilization, hand-washing & wearing face masks. Retailers are painting floors at 6-foot intervals to help encourage Social Distancing while people are out in public, then this happens:


With the rise of Televangelism & TV preachers across the country, it is astonishing that some Churches would put the public health at risk by keeping their doors open even as Public Health Officials are urging us to "Stay Home. Save Lives."

With everything in life, we all have our Philosophy of what we value, what is important to us.

I cannot think of anything more important than our HEALTH.

We pay our Taxes, is there some reason Churches should not?

While the Holy Days of Religions other than Christian are acknowledged to some degree in our Country, our Official Public Holidays revolve around Christianity.


The current President has yet to reveal HIS Tax Returns - which SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE as a Candidate.

This is what actually got me started thinking along these lines, as if to say "Hey! Wait a minute. What's going on here?"

THIS could be a REAL Solution to Balancing the Federal Budget & Paying for HEALTHCARE.

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Say Yes, I Will Help Fund This Critical Mission

Like my ideas? Seeking Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Partners & Like-Minded Individuals to find REAL SOLUTIONS to massive problems like how to Balance the Federal Budget. I'm not building a CHURCH asking for a 10% TAX FREE Donation of your hard-earned Dollars. Join me Here for more information or to give to a worthy-cause.

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