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Easter & Passover 2020 Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

The Holiest Day on the Christian Calendar in Celebration of the Betrayal, Torture & Crucifixion of Lord Jesus who rose from the Dead is Easter.

More so than Christmas when Jesus was born, Easter is the ENTIRE BASIS of our Religion.

Easter was on April 8 in 2012, the same year my Mother died.

April 8th this year is the First Day of the Jewish Passover Observance.

I have never understood why Easter is a "Floating Holiday," sometimes in March, sometimes in April.

This is the best explanation I seen so far:

Why Is Easter a Floating Holiday?

It is part of the circle of life..Particularly for Christians, it is the beginning of the Afterlife.

As a Life & Health Insurance Agent, there is a need for CARING at every stage of Life, even death. I worked for a Cemetery at time of death when my Mother died.

Even with all of the high-level training I've had in the Death Care Industry, I can tell you from first-hand experience that it doesn't make it easier when our own Loved One dies.