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Who is God? Not, Is There a God?

Who is God, Not is There a God

UPDATE. It is said that Religion & Politics are two subjects that people shouldn't mix. Yet in the midst of 2 of the 3 major World Religions' Holy Week, there were Political shenanigans of all kinds.

Wisconsin held their Presidential Primary on 4/7 rather than reschedule due to Covid-19 concerns

Yesterday, April 8 th was the first day of the Jewish Passover 2020 & Bernie Sanders chose the first day of Passover to end his Presidential Bid.

The Story of Passover comes from the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament.

The three major World Religions Judaism, Islam & Christianity all 3 share the books of the Old Testament in the Torah, The Koran & the Bible respectively.

Having deeply studied questions of Spirituality since about 2005, I have reached the conclusion that the roots of modern Misogyny have their origins in Biblical times.

Separation of Church & State

Is it any wonder this country cannot Elect a QUALIFIED WOMAN to the Highest Office in our Land?

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Philosophical questions of social importance affect all of us, not just women. As a Feminist, I've been reconsidering the role of the Christian Church in Society with their systemic Misogynistic brainwashing of the population for a while now.

What I saw for myself during the 2016 Presidential Election pretty much amounted to Free Political Advertising on the part of the Church for the Republican Presidential Nominee - who went on to "win."

I'm still soul searching with respect to my thoughts on the Church. Christians can't even agree on which "brand of Christianity" is the true, correct doctrine to follow.


Think about it.

We have Baptists & Catholics, & Methodists, & Episcopalians, & Lutherans, & Mormons, & Seventh Day Adventists, & on & on & on. I am of the personal opinion it has been one giant charade from the beginning.

And that's just the Christians.

At one time, I had a membership to the Houston Museum of Natural Science who brought the "Dead Sea Scrolls" Exhibit to town in 2005. I went to see this in person, but rather than really think about what I just saw, the sum total of what I got out of it was "Wow, what cool artifacts" - until now.

What implications could this have for the Origin Stories of our present-day civilizations?

How does this affect our present-day life?

Could this have something to do with DISCRIMINATION of ALL kinds, including GENDER DISCRIMINATION against WOMEN???


I think so.

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