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Abortion Care IS Health CARE. Why We NEED Separation of Church & State

Abortion Care IS Health CARE

Texas has the dubious distinction in leading the Nation in attacks on Health CARE of all kinds, including Women's access to Abortions, most recently banning all Abortions as "Non-Essential Services" during the Covid-19 Crisis.

The Bible Belt States, led by Texas, Ohio & Alabama, have been on a Mission to over-turn Roe/VS/Wade from the beginning of the Trump Administration.

Beginning with their "Supreme Court-Packing Power-Grabbing Refusal" to give a Confirmation Hearing to outgoing President Barack Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland, "Conservative Republicans/Christian Conservatives," have been hell-bent on Legislating Women's bodies from Day One.

Additionally, cries of "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" to dismantle the signature Legislation of the Obama Administration have not been muted in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

These tandem issues are the disgraceful Hallmark of the Trump Administration's Dictatorial Power Grab.

Yesterday, "King Donald" asserted that the President has the ultimate power to decide when & how the Country will once again be re-opened for Business, claiming ultimate power over State's autonomy.

While I fundamentally disagree with Texas' Republican Governor Greg Abbott on most issues, I did listen to his News Conference with cautious optimism that he won't open the State ahead of the the Covid-19 Peak, prolonging the duration of this Public Health Crisis of a highly contagious, communicable disease.

In general, the nature of my disagreement is with the definition of "Conservatism."

Is that Spiritually "Conservative?"

Politically "Conservative?"

In my mind, I don't even see the word "Conservative" as applicable anymore.

In my view, the Party of Trump is Radical.

The ultra-"Conservative" Christians who block entrance into Abortion Clinics are RADICAL, creating the need for Abortion Clinic Escorts to protect young pregnant women seeking services from being attacked entering or leaving an Abortion Provider's facility.

"Conservative" Christians turn a blind eye to to the Bullying-behavior of this President so Women's bodies can be controlled from the Church Pews in our Country's Legislature.

It's as simple as that.

Christians view Abortion a murder & a deadly Sin.

This is Old Testament thinking.

Christianity differs from other World Religions beginning with the Books of the New Testament: that Jesus Christ was Born, Lived & Died on the Cross to Save us from Sin.

Is that ALL Sin? Or just SOME Sins???

Will Christ forgive this Sin, but not that???

To fully understand American Party Politics, understand this: "Conservative Christian Republicans" INSIST on Legislating WOMEN'S BODIES from the Church Pews.

It's as simple as that.


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