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Surviving Covid19 for All Faiths with Emotional Intelligence

Surviving Covid19 for All Faiths with Emotional Intelligence

If your Social Media Memories are anything like mine, you will remember this that week was the wrap-up of Holy Week for Christians & Jews - 2 of the 3 Major World Religions.

This year survival during the Covid-19 Crisis disrupted our family traditions of all Faiths whatever your Religious Beliefs maybe.


While Safe Social Practices like Social Distancing continue so we can limit the spread of this deadly disease, this would be a good time for soul-searching of our personal Philosophy of Life.

Spirituality can be Religious or Secular but we all have our Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs whatever they may be.

As previously noted, Muslims, Christians & Jews all 3 share the Books of the Old Testament in the Koran, the Bible & the Torah respectively, including the Ten Commandments.

What has occurred to me is that living your life by the Ten Commandments really boils down to the principles of Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence

People of all Faiths want the same things for their families, their loved ones, yet in this country all of our Official Holidays revolve around Christianity.

I have long wondered how a person who is Muslim feels when Christmas Trees begin appearing in Stores in the middle of July.

Easter 2017

My community I live in is a Mini-Melting Pot of Diversity. The family next door to me is the sweetest Muslim family of four. They are fairly modern but the young mother always wears her head scarf in public. Always.

When the Mass Shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand happened I was so scared FOR THEM - that they could face Anti-Muslim backlash, I NEEDED to make sure their two little boys, 7 & 8 years old at the time felt SAFE in their own homes.

I keep a stack of blank greeting cards at all times so I can send personalized notes from time to time.

With words of encouragement that this is their HOME & they are WELCOME in my neighborhood, I slipped my Greeting beneath their patio gate.

Thoughts like these are WHY I have come to believe that we need Legislation OFFICIALLY writing Separation of Church & State into our Constitution.

My guiding principle in life is "Live & Let Live" but it seems to me that Christianity is a very Egotistical Religion - converting Believers of other Faiths to Christianity.

Are Christians the ONLY ONES going to Heaven?

Do Believers of others Faiths go to HELL?

And it's not just Muslims.

Believers of the Jewish Faith are still waiting for a Savior. They DON'T BELIEVE in CHRIST.

Do Jewish People go to Heaven when they die?

What about Gay, Lesbian & Trans People?

I personally know people who have been Spiritually harmed by the teachings of Second Baptist Church here in Houston on the subject of Gays who may never set foot inside a Church again.

How would you answer people like this?

For the Christians among us reading this, the end of Holy Week is not the end of the story.

It is during this time that the Holy Ghost walked among the people doing Miracles such as feeding the masses.