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Responsibly Sourced.  Ethically priced.  Introducing Covid-19 Face Masks in Revolving Door HR Store

Responsibly Sourced.  Ethically priced.  Introducing Covid-19 Face Masks in Revolving Door HR Store

The Covid-19 Face Mask. The New Medically-Necessary Fashion Accessory of 2020 is now available in the Revolving Door HR Store.

Until the World has a Vaccine, Treatments & Containment of the Highly Contagious Deadly Virus known as Covid-19 that has killed hundreds of thousands World-Wide, Face Masks have become the Must-Have Accessory until further notice.

These machine-washable reusable Cloth Face Masks will protect those around us & potentially Save Lives while out in Public.

I Protect You.

You Protect Me.

This is how we will defeat Covid-19.

So this is a Sneak-Peek Preview of my design I'm currently working on with a Public Service Announcement on WHY we NEED 100% of EVERYONE to wear a Face Mask.

Not only to avoid a potential $1000 Fine as was announced yesterday in Houston/Harris County, but to STOP Preventable Deaths from a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS COMMUNICABLE DISEASE.

I Protect You.  You Protect Me.  This Is How We Defeat Covid-19 One Face Mask at a Time

Stay Tuned. And while designs like this are still in development, check out what's currently available HERE

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