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Ramadan. The Muslim Holy Month During Covid-19. WHY We Need Separation of Church and State

People Are Individuals. People Are Individuals. People Are Individuals. People Are Individuals.

I can't say it enough.

When we learn to live our lives with Emotional Intelligence we learn to treat PEOPLE as Individuals.

While I am Christian, I have long been tolerant, accepting & inclusive of people who are different from me.

So this post should have actually been posted yesterday. but I was EXTREMELY BUSY doing Website Maintenance & didn't Blog anything.

Plus, most days, I'm doing good to keep up with Christian Holidays like Easter.

The Islamic Holy Month, like Easter & Passover is timed to sync with the Lunar Moon Cycle.

As such, official observance of all 3 Major World Religions' have a floating Calendar, but generally somewhere between March & May.


And like Jewish & Christian Families, Muslim Families will be adapting their Ramadan Celebrations while being mindful of Social Distancing, Staying at Home & wearing Face Masks while in Public.

It would appear that like Christianity & Judaism, there are varying Denominations of Islam, from Progressive to Moderate to Extremist.

Here I am pictured below some 30 years ago as a College Kid with my Singaporean MUSLIM boyfriend.

I have no idea what Branch of Islam Singapore Muslims subscribe to. There may even be different Muslim Denominations in that Island Country.

While Traditional Singapore Muslim WOMEN do dress modestly, there is NO REQUIREMENT for a Hijab or Face Covering, as shown in the official Uniform of Singapore Airlines Flight Attendants below:

Like I recently mentioned in a Blog Post, my Next Door Neighbors are a Muslim Family of 4.

We share a Sidewalk. That's how close they are to me.

The young mother is very Modern-Traditional in the way she dresses:

I have not yet seen them to wish them Ramadan Mubarak during all of this Covid-19 Social Distancing. but I feel an obligation to her two little boys to make sure they feel Welcome in their own home.

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