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Unable to Score a Free Mask? I Gotcha Covered.

I Protect You. You Protect Me. This is How We Defeat Covid19 One Face Mask at a Time

Social Responsibility. Some people just don't get it. The Houston/Harris County Executive Order mandating the wearing of Face Masks in Public for the next 30 days begins today.

This Executive Order from the County Judge is not intended to be punitive. It is intended to Save Lives while Public Health Officials & the Medical Community scramble to develop Treatments & Cures for Covid-19.

Over the weekend thousands of Masks were given out for Free by various organizations.

The 4th largest City in the Nation is home to a couple million people. Clearly there not enough Free Masks to go around for every Houstonian to get one.

Equally clear from the number & viciousness of Public Protests to Re-Open the Economy, people don't understand - or maybe just don't care WHY Face Masks & Social Distancing are even necessary.

The image below from a Public Protest at the State Capitol in Austin was everywhere online & epitomizes WHY Public Education on Social Responsibility is necessary:

Clueless Face Mask Protester Austin Texas

This Women's Rights Pro Choice slogan relates to Abortion & is very applicable to the situation.

When a Woman chooses to end a pregnancy for whatever Personal/Private reason she may have, it DOES NOT affect anyone else & is NONE OF ANYONE ELSE' BUSINESS.

Face Masks, on the other hand DO AFFECT OTHERS.

It is THE REASON we wear them.


NOBODY has the "Right" to spread a Deadly Disease.

Your Behavior affects MY Health.

My Behavior affects YOUR Health.

It should be pretty easy to understand, but if the Online Bullying I experienced Saturday & Sunday on Facebook is any indication, we need to ramp up our Public Education Campaigns to "Spread the Message, Not the Germs."

While I do have several affordable Face Mask designs currently available, I'm still looking for a Supplier with plain White Masks - which so far appear to be Sold Out. I'm still looking.

In the meantime, if you need to be in Compliance with the Executive Order & still need a Face Mask, please feel free to check out my Online Store Here

Online BULLYING is a Problem.  I Got the SOLUTION.  Join Me Here

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