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May is Disability Awareness Month

Health Insurance Toolkit. May is Disability Awareness Month

As a Health & Life Insurance Agent of more than 13 years now, I speak a lot in terms of Philosophy of Health Care Funding. This is a strategy I developed for myself as I sat One-On-One with Employees of Companies whose' Employee Benefits I was Enrolling.

With Health Insurance being as contentious as it has been for YEARS now & with the National fight over ObamaCARE both coming & going, it was a vehicle for Self-Preservation in getting people to Tell ME what they Care about - not me as an Insurance Agent selling THEM what I wanted them to buy.

It is their personal Philosophy of what THEY want & need in terms of Insurance Coverage. What is their primary concern - Cost or Coverage? Nobody wants to be "Insurance Rich, but Paycheck Poor." This speaks to Suitability of Coverage & only the person buying the Coverage can define what is suitable for their Individual situation.

People will know if they have something going on Medically & will care more about being protected from the high cost of Medical Expenses or if they are relatively healthy & only need protection for the "What Ifs" in Life - What if I break my leg? What if I get pneumonia?

Or in terms of today's reality, What if I get Covid-19?

Millions of Americans who were Laid Off, Furloughed or Lost their Jobs due to the Highly Contagious Communicable Disease known as Covid-19 likely also lost their Insurance Coverage if it was part of their Employee Benefits Package.