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May is Disability Awareness Month

Health Insurance Toolkit. May is Disability Awareness Month

As a Health & Life Insurance Agent of more than 13 years now, I speak a lot in terms of Philosophy of Health Care Funding. This is a strategy I developed for myself as I sat One-On-One with Employees of Companies whose' Employee Benefits I was Enrolling.

With Health Insurance being as contentious as it has been for YEARS now & with the National fight over ObamaCARE both coming & going, it was a vehicle for Self-Preservation in getting people to Tell ME what they Care about - not me as an Insurance Agent selling THEM what I wanted them to buy.

It is their personal Philosophy of what THEY want & need in terms of Insurance Coverage. What is their primary concern - Cost or Coverage? Nobody wants to be "Insurance Rich, but Paycheck Poor." This speaks to Suitability of Coverage & only the person buying the Coverage can define what is suitable for their Individual situation.

People will know if they have something going on Medically & will care more about being protected from the high cost of Medical Expenses or if they are relatively healthy & only need protection for the "What Ifs" in Life - What if I break my leg? What if I get pneumonia?

Or in terms of today's reality, What if I get Covid-19?

Millions of Americans who were Laid Off, Furloughed or Lost their Jobs due to the Highly Contagious Communicable Disease known as Covid-19 likely also lost their Insurance Coverage if it was part of their Employee Benefits Package.

When presented with this grim Fact & given the opportunity to hold a Special Election Period for Enrollment into ObamaCARE, #PresidentPineSol chose not to open the Health Insurance Marketplace for the millions of Americans with a legitimate SEP for Change in Life Circumstance: Loss of Coverage.

There is also a tremendous push here in the Lone Star State to get the Governor to Expand Medicaid.

If there was ever a time for the leadership in the State of Texas to do the right thing it's now. We'll see what happens with THAT.

Who knows what long-term ramifications will present themselves in Survivors of Covid-19 will be?

Will they return to a normally-functioning life? Or will some have a life-altering Disability such as Shortness of Breath?

There Two Main Types of Disability Insurance Plans. One is Medical, the other is Income Protection.

Texas does NOT REQUIRE Employers to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance, so both types of Disability Plans were Supplements I offered as an Employee Benefits Counselor.

The Theories behind any Philosophy of Health Care Coverage have to do with Consumer-Driven Benefits (CDB.)

In the early 1990s the theory of putting consumers in the driver's seat of Cost/VS/Coverage began to emerge, but Education of both the Public & the Employers they worked for fell short of people understanding the American Health CARE System.

Employers & Employees alike forget that THE REASON Health Insurance, Life Insurance & Supplements are offered as part of an Employee Benefits Package is a LOYALTY PROGRAM.

That, coupled with the fact that Insurance Legislation is written & re-written & written again according to which Political Party is in Office at the time, has the American Insurance/Health CARE Industry itself on Life Support.

Also in the 1990s, the Americans With Disabilities Act was written to enable US Citizens of every ability to fully participate in American life without discrimination.

Compliance with the ADA is why you see Public Officials including Sign Language Interpreters translating critical updates at News Conferences.

The one impression I have with Sign Language is that it is a COMMUNICATION TOOL. When a Sign Language Interpreter isn't "speaking" they hold their hands in a resting position.

They don't itch & scratch & gesture wildly when they are not speaking.

That would be interpreted as Gibberish.

So in honor of Disability Awareness Month, I thought I would start here with the Americans With Disabilities Guide for Small Businesses:

ADA Guide for Small Businesses

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Say, "Yes. I Will Help Fund This Critical Mission"

Say, Yes. I Will Help Fund This Critical Mission

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