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"Taking the Dis Out of Disability with Emotional Intelligence." Because Every Life is a

Taking the Dis Out of Disability

UPDATE. Texas was one of the first States to re-open for Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The World is still scrambling for Cures & Treatments meaning those Individuals who do venture out into the Public, do so at tremendous personal risk & potentially also putting others at risk of contracting this Highly Contagious Communicable Deadly Disease.

Recent Public Protests at State Capitols, including here in Austin point to the need for Sensitivity Training, Mindfulness & Social Responsibility:

Emotional Intelligence.


Bullying simply could not exist with Emotional Intelligence. Demanding your "Rights" at gun-point is BULLYING ON STEROIDS.

Even more concerning, just yesterday, I had an Email from Texas Senator John Cornyn's Re-Election Campaign discussing GUN RIGHTS.

If you've been on the edge about chipping in, now is the time to donate to Keeping Texas Red and defending our conservative values.

Lisa, if you continue to sit idle, with every minute that passes by, we are strengthening the Far-Left's efforts to try to not only vote Senator Cornyn out of office, but to also flip the Texas that we know and love to one that would be the equivalent of what we're seeing in Far-Left states like California and New York.

Will you chip in $25 NOW to ensure that the Far-Left keeps their swampy and gun-grabbing hands off of our Conservative Texas?

-- Cornyn Fundraising Team

It was STUNNING. (I wound-up on his Email list after sending a Protest Letter about the State of Texas' continued efforts to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE.)

Now I get Emails from this idiot on a regular basis.)

In 2020, vote to "Repeal & Replace John Cornyn" then Read Below,

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Emotional Intelligence





I was first sponsored by a Life Insurance Company to get into the Insurance industry in 2006 for very personal reasons: saving the life of a family member. I had learned so much from the patient side, I thought “Why not get licensed?” I have been going BANKRUPT trying to do this ever since.

When my sponsor packed his things & left Houston, I thought “Medicare – that’s what I will do. Medicare.” So I spent five years starving to death trying to do Medicare at a Private Insurance Company with a government contract to provide Medicare coverage to senior citizens.


Agents get solicited for recruitment all the time. Before long, I was recruited by a private insurance company that does Employee Benefits, so I thought, "Ok, there's not a lot of caring in Medicare, let's try this."

I have signed on to do employee Benefits Counseling again this year, but honestly I am SO DESPERATE to get out of Insurance it just is NOT FUNNY. I am going broke trying to do this for a living. Read more at www.revolvingdoorhr.com/employeeretentionandteambuilding