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Happy National Nurses Day. And Happy Cinco De Ramadan. ObamaCARE SAVES Lives

ObamaCARE Saves Lives

UPDATE. Happy Cinco De Ramadan??? Sound ridiculous? It is. And with what is going on in this country with the systemic dismantling of ObamaCARE over WORDS & LANGUAGE, I am about to burst a blood vessel trying to help in any way I can.


On this National Nurses Day with the current Administration's rush to Reopen the Economy before Treatments & a Cure for Covid-19, or as some call it the Corona Virus, people need to remember WHY we practice Social Distancing, WHY we wear Face Masks & WHY it is too soon to get back to Life as we knew it.

I refuse to call it "Normal" or the "New Normal" because what's been going on since the 2016 Presidential Election has been STUNNINGLY ABNORMAL for all these years.

There is nothing "normal" about Name-Calling.

There is nothing "normal" about Bullying.

There is nothing "normal" about Selfishness.

When we wear a Face Mask in Public, it is to protect others. If we ALL do this we also protect ourselves from this Highly Contagious Communicable DEADLY Disease.

This is the epitome of living your Life with Emotional Intelligence.

All I know is that this country cannot take four more years of the "New Abnormal."

Say, Yes. I Will Help Fund This Critical Mission to End Bullying

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UPDATE. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Today is the start of Ramadan, the Muslim Holy Month. While I am neither Spanish nor Muslim, I would like to gently remind EVERYONE that Elections have consequences.

When we learn to interact with those around us with Emotional Intelligence, we choose to act in a socially-responsible fashion.

In my opinion, this country is watching our HealthCARE system being destroyed due to LANGUAGE: "people didn't want to "Bomb-A-Nose".

Sadly, I will sit here in this moment & again say that REVERSE RACISM IS REAL.

The #ApprenticePresident for a fact IS a Racist - maybe even a White Supremacist & is making life SO MUCH HARDER FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT.