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Equality Knows No Religion. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment NOW

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the US. Americans from all walks of life took time out to honor their Moms they love.

Maternal Love is Universal. It knows no Religion, or Gender or Race or Politics.

Maternal Love is not Prejudicial: it does not Discriminate.

Maternal Love is Unconditional.


People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals.

I can't say it enough.

Yet an Inconvenient TRUTH about the 2016 Election is that Gender Discrimination kept thousands, maybe even millions of Americans home from the Polls.

They did not vote.


They refused to vote for a Female President: Gender Discrimination.

When I say #SexismCostHillaryClintonTheElection it is not an Opinion. It is a FACT.

So now we are stuck with #PresidentPineSol until the next Presidential Election in November.

None of the stunning, jaw-dropping & disgraceful things he's done & continues to do would not be happening. if Non-Voters would have Voted in 2016.

Things like telling his "Base" that Covid-19 is a "Democratic Hoax." Now people in his inner circle have tested Positive by not taking this seriously.

Things like trying to prevent the Equal Rights Amendment from becoming the Law of the Land, while he thinks nobody is is looking.

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