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PreExisting Conditions. Putting the CARING Back In Health CARE

PreExisting Conditions. Putting the CARING Back In Health CARE

UPDATE Originally posted October 11, 2018. After fighting tooth & nail, vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" for YEARS, Texas Senator John Cornyn appears to have FINALLY figured out that ObamaCARE Saves Lives.

Urging Texans to sign-up for ObamaCARE amid the Covid-19 Crisis, there's one fly in the ointment he seems to have forgotten about.

We are outside the Open Enrollment Period.

Millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to Nation-wide, State-wide, City-wide Executive Orders for people to Stay Home likely also lost the Employer-Sponsored Health Plans & are now Uninsured.

When asked earlier this year if he would issue an Executive Order granting a Special Election Period for ObamaCARE, #PresidentPineSol declared he would NOT.

In checking with the Health Insurance Market Place this morning, I'm not certain an Executive Order is even required.

In a normal year, there is no late Enrollment outside of the sign-up window to get covered.

It looks to me that people who lost their Insurance due to Unemployment have an automatic SEP just like with MediCARE & Medicaid.

Here is the link for anyone who needs coverage:

When I reflect back on all of the efforts over the past several years to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" & all of the attacks SPECIALLY over Coverage for PEOPLE with Pre-Existing Conditions it makes me more determined than ever to keep Volunteering for Democrats in Election 2020.

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Each & every one of us is one accident away from becoming a PreExisting Condition ourselves. Let's think for a minute what that means. We can be healthy one minute, then be involved in a devastating accident out on the freeway. Our lives forever changed because accidents can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of Age, Sickness or Health.

Yesterday, the #ApprenticePresident took another swing at Democrats on the subject of people with Pre-existing conditions out on the campaign trail & even attacked former Senator John McCain on his voting record of keeping valuable protections for people with PreExisting Conditions instead of totally dismantling ObamaCARE - then went on to publish an Editorial about Medicare.

Earlier this week, 1st Lady Melania Trump toured several 3rd world nations including those receiving US-Taxpayer Dollars from the World Health Organization, protesting the #ApprenticePresident attempting to cut funding from the Federal Budget.

Melania Trump at the Sphinx

What as a Nation should be our priority in spending US Tax Payer Dollars earmarked for HEALTH CARE???

As a HUMANITARIAN, naturally I wouldn't take Life-Saving CARE from ANYONE.

I haven't read the #ApprenticePresident's Editorial on the subject of Health CARE, but I can tell you I would likely disagree with his thought process (and doesn't thinking require having a brain??? Some of his policies are so brain-dead stupid, I'm about to burst a blood vessel in here.) That having been said, I will try to read it at some point.

Apparently he HAS thought of cutting funds to the World Health Organization, though I doubt it with the intention of using those TAX PAYER DOLLARS on Health CARE for US - the very people whose money he's spending.

When we OURSELVES have our own sick & dying in this country, how does it make sense to take Life-Saving Heath CARE from our own & give it to the sick & dying in other countries???

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