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COBRA, HIPAA & Continuation of Health CARE Coverage

COBRA, HIPPA & Continuation of Health CARE Coverage

Americans have long had Federal protection from risk of being Uninsured through loss of Employment. Both COBRA & HIPAA allow Employees to KEEP their Employer-Sponsored Health Plan at a higher cost.

Why is it at a higher cost for the same Coverage?

With Employee Benefits through Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, the Company pays a portion of your Health Insurance Premiums.

When Coverage ends & the Individual elects to keep their Coverage they must pay BOTH the Employee portion AND the Employer Portion of the Monthly Premium, making Coverage Available but not necessarily Affordable.

Special Election Periods have always been available in this instance,

Insurance Companies can & do sell policies 12 months a year & it does appear that this also holds true for the Health Insurance Marketplace under ObamaCARE despite the current President's statement that there would be no SEP for Loss of Employment due to Covid-19.<