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2001 A Space Odyssey. Fixing the Hal 9000

NASA IBM Mainframe Computers that powered early Space Flight

UPDATE. The ISS will be welcoming Astronauts Doug Hurley & Robert Behnken aboard the International Space Station when Space-X launches the first Commercial Space Launch in almost 10 years

Houstonians are sure to be watching this iconic piece of History in the making along with the rest of the country.

I was leaning toward not posting anything official in the Blog today as I'm still doing Tech Support o n my Social Media Platforms (my PC is fixed but my Web Page still has issues), but decided this occasion was too momentous to ignore.

Living in Space City since 1974, so much of Houston's economy revolves around all things Spacey.

Here I am below at Ellington Field at the return of one of the Space Shuttles in 2012:

Lisa Annette Stanley at Ellington Field for the return of the Space Shuttle

The Hal 9000, the main antagonist in Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey gave foreboding of a fictional world when computers, robots & Artificial Intelligence would replace man & takeover the world. Most days, I wanna heave my PC right out the window.

I will be offline for a while as I do Tech Support on my Operating System.

Apple Lisa or the Hal 9000?

My Desktop & my Notebook computer still run on the Windows 7 Operating System. For the past couple days in a row, my Desktop almost didn't turn on, leaving me staring at the "Blue Screen of Death."

Microsoft has been sending notifications that support for Windows 7 was ending & that I should download the Windows 10 upgrade for my Operating System.

Well, that day is here.

How much fun will I be having for the next couple of days???

I can remember the exact day I went online in March of 1997.

Internet Service Installation March 6,

My first computer wasn't an Apple Lisa, but it was very much an infuriating hunk of junk more like the Hal 9000.

Pretty much like a glorified typewrite with no Modem & no Internet access.

This morning I'm lucky it even turned on, so I'm gonna be kinda busy trying to breathe life back into this thing without having to invest in new equipment.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this clip from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey, featuring the Hal 9000 while I am tearing my hair out & running screaming from the room.

Hopefully I will be back soon.

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