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Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy Chapter 12 Preview. Deescalation Training: Dispute Resolution

UPDATE. Peaceful Protests should not turn Violent. When a Crime is committed that does NOT legitimize committing additional Crimes.

Minneapolis is burning.

St Paul is burning.

Protesters took to the streets in Denver, Colorado; New York City; Memphis, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio & Louisville, Kentucky where 7 people were shot & killed at the Protest.

Minneapolis Police Station in Flames During George Floyd Protests

There are reasons we have LAWS in this Country:

Dispute Resolution.

When people cannot or will not PEACEFULLY RESOLVE DISPUTES we have LAWS that settle those disputes in the Justice System.

These out-of-control public displays of RAGE go far beyond the need for ANGER MANAGEMENT in this country.

This does NOTHING to punish & bring Justice to the INDIVIDUAL COPS who MURDERED George Floyd in Cold Blood. This is SCAPE-GOATING others WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MURDER of an Innocent Black Man.



I can't say it enough.

Read More Below


Current Events in American life along many talking points: Health Care, Equality, Racism, Public Protests & the like were a tremendous influence in "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

People are taking to the streets again.

DeEscalation Training Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation

In the middle of the Democratic National Convention, amidst the public outcry over the separation of families along the Texas Border, in the middle of trying to get resolution on a humane Health Care Bill, it's happened again.

This time in Pittsburgh, with the deadly shooting & subsequent street rioting over 17-year-old Antwon Rose.

I am deeply concerned as a Sociologist, as a US Citizen & as a member of the Voting Public with the lack of CIVILITY in this country.

Therefore, I am releasing the first 3 pages of "Chapter 12. DeEscalation: Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation" this morning. Read below & Buy the Book. $7 Digital Download

De-escalation Training Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation

2016 was one of the most volatile years in recent memory with hostile riots & violence in the streets being an almost weekly occurrence.

We saw the rise of Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. Cops Lives Matter. And All Lives Matter.

Take for example the stunning retaliation against the Dallas Police Department. There was no incidence of Police brutality in Dallas & yet they were held accountable for incidents happening elsewhere across the country.

Sadly ironic that the most highly trained police department in the country skilled at de-escalating volatile situations was on the receiving end of backlash from one individual who was unable to control his rage after years & years & years of watching violent images on TV.

The network executives making editorial decisions are a huge part of the problem of whipping the public into a frenzy with ABC Disney being one of the WORST networks on the dial with shows like




“How to Get Away with Murder” etc.

Why do people think these are acceptable moral values?

This is not ok.

Then we turn on the evening “NEWS” are shocked & outraged to be subjected to images of guns & murder & violence.

Revenge by definition is retaliation. It’s the kind of “Eye for an Eye” mentality that doesn’t solve anything & generally makes a bad situation worse, not better.

The general public, not just the emergency first responders (EMS, fire & police departments) need training in dispute resolution & de-escalation.

EVERY aspect of human interaction is our ability to get along with others. Do we work together to find SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS or are we so focused on the problem that it is allowed to get worse & worse & worse?

From simple arguments to domestic violence to road rage & violent crimes against others, people need to learn how to fight fair – or ideally not fight at all.

There are many methods of PEACEFUL DISPUTE RESOLUTION that need to be taught in our homes, in our schools & yes even in the types of shows that are broadcast for public consumption.

Of the three methods of dispute resolution, litigation is the method of last resort.

With the entire world running around playing cops on TV, they forget why our justice system is set up the way it is:

Peaceful dispute resolution.

The 3 Methods of Dispute Resolution are: 1. Mediation 2. Arbitration 3. Litigation Civilized people should be able to resolve disputes in a civilized way, with litigation being the dispute resolution of last resort. This applies whether our difference of opinion is with family, friends, co-workers or complete strangers.

Again, I like using the Zig Ziglar method of “Feel, Felt, Found” for putting people at ease. And that’s what we want.

When we are trying to diffuse volatile situations, we want the other person to be at ease. Sometimes this isn’t enough. So how do we “fight fair?”

Buy the Book to find out HOW.

$7 Digital Download

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Yes Id Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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