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Respect. Bleeping Profanity at the Grammy Awards

Concert Audience

Healing a Nation in pain begins with honest conversations. Last year in 2019, CBS This Morning with Gail King & Nora O'Donnell had a story about "Toxic Masculinity."

This resonated with me so much that I directly Emailed Ted Bunch about his "Call to Men" Campaign he developed, sponsored by Gillette. I'm sure he receives thousands of Emails daily & I never heard back.

I liked the idea of partnering with someone who is different from me for any number of reasons including, validity, credibility & co-operation.

Ted Bunch A Call to Men. Toxic Masculinity on CBS This Morning

I can't remember when I stopped watching Award Shows of ANY KIND - The Grammys, The Billboard Music Awards, the MTV Music Video Awards - & those honoring Film: the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Tony Awards for Broadway Productions & on & on & on.