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2020 is the Centennial Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote Under The 19th Amendment.

The 19th Amendment from the National Archives

UPDATE. On June 4th 1919 the Senate passed the 19th Amendment previously passed by Congress on May 21st of the same year - finally granting Women the Right to Vote.

It took another year & a half to to be Ratified as the Law of the Land by the Secretary of State on August 26, 1920.

2020 is a Presidential Election year. It is also the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment that granted Voting Rights for Women.

Historically speaking, the struggle to gain this fundamental right was long & hard.

Making sure that every American has the right to have their voice heard in the form of Voting for the Candidate for Elected Office of their choice is heard is critical for free & fair Elections.

We Vote for people we believe will reflect our best interests for all of the people in their districts, not just some of the people.

When we hear of Voter Suppression &