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Slander of a Female Police Woman on Channel 13

SLANDER of a FEMALE Police WOMAN on Channel 13

Libel Law is a requirement for a Degree in Journalism. While I am not an Attorney, I do have a degree in Journalism & have studied LIBEL LAW.

Channel 13 just had the NERVE to render a Female Police Officer who was involved in a Local Police Brutality Case several years ago UNEMPLOYABLE on the very day that George Floyd is being laid to rest here.

Excessive Force, Abuse of Power & Police Brutality are the topic of discussion & ABC's Local Channel 13 had to dig deep to dredge up this story SPECIFICALLY ABOUT A FEMALE COP.


Because they are SEXIST.

I have provided a Google Search to this Police-Involved Brutality Case if anyone care to read the details.

Google Search Houston Police Brutality Case at Denny's Restaurant

Here is what they did this morning.

On the Day George Floyd is being buried here.

Involving Police Brutality.