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Think the Equal Rights Amendment Doesn't MATTER?

Think the Equal Rights Amendment Does Matter?

Think the #EqualRightsAmendment doesn't MATTER? "Good" Morning America Sunday just had the NERVE to do a story on "Mom Rage." #Rage is what happened with the CRIMINAL ACTS OF #ARSON at #GeorgeFloyd Street Riots. TV Stations have a #SocialResponsiblity & an OBLIGATION to De-Escalate the Public. Those #DisneyRats are trying to fix #Racism with #Sexism PERIOD. #RatifyTheERA

I had not planned on making this statement this morning but I am so furiously LIVID with ABC Disney right now I am actually trembling with anger.

So when something makes you THIS ANGRY, how do you calm yourself down so that this ANGER doesn't turn to RAGE?

You find an outlet for a Positive Expression of that ANGER, like - I don't know - maybe writing a Book & starting a Web Page???

My Post this morning came from my Personal Facebook Page. Full Text & Link here:


Today is 1/28 - January 28th. Our Facebook Feeds will likely be flooded with posts from people complaining about things they don’t like, perhaps even hate.

Still others will be posting & sharing Food Pics, Recipes & their favorite local dining spots.

When we focus on the negative we miss out on the positive.

Even when we recognize the things we don’t like, it can be done with Positivity & Civility.

For example, instead of saying “That’s bad” try saying “That’s not good.”

It’s saying the same thing in recognition of something you don’t like, but saying it in a positive way.

We can also take positive actions to address those expressions of anger. We don’t want our anger to be destructive or even self-destructive.

For example, don’t like a Political Candidate?

Take positive action to lift up their opponent.

Don’t waste your time & efforts tearing them down. Spend your time talking about all of the good things about the candidate you DO LIKE.

This is but one tenant of the Sociological Principles of Emotional Intelligence.

Tips like this & more available in my EBook “Yes, I’d Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office” at www.RevolvingDoorHR.com

Companion Training Course now in Pre-Production.

Stay Tuned

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