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Think the Equal Rights Amendment Doesn't MATTER?

Think the Equal Rights Amendment Does Matter?

Think the #EqualRightsAmendment doesn't MATTER? "Good" Morning America Sunday just had the NERVE to do a story on "Mom Rage." #Rage is what happened with the CRIMINAL ACTS OF #ARSON at #GeorgeFloyd Street Riots. TV Stations have a #SocialResponsiblity & an OBLIGATION to De-Escalate the Public. Those #DisneyRats are trying to fix #Racism with #Sexism PERIOD. #RatifyTheERA

I had not planned on making this statement this morning but I am so furiously LIVID with ABC Disney right now I am actually trembling with anger.

So when something makes you THIS ANGRY, how do you calm yourself down so that this ANGER doesn't turn to RAGE?

You find an outlet for a Positive Expression of that ANGER, like - I don't know - maybe writing a Book & starting a Web Page???

My Post this morning came from my Personal Facebook Page. Full Text & Link here:

Positive Expression of Anger


Today is 1/28 - January 28th. Our Facebook Feeds will likely be flooded with posts from people complaining about things they don’t like, perhaps even hate.