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Equal Means Equal. The Movie

Equal Means Equal.  The Movie

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, the culmination of a lifetime's work on the part of millions of Women & dozens of Organizations and Individuals is about to happen in our Lifetime.

This is thanks in no small part to the people at Equal Means Equal who are currently suing in Federal Court to make this happen.

EME Responds to Trump Administration’s Effort to kill the ERA

On June 1st, Equal Means Equal and its co-plaintiffs accused the Trump administration of causing “catastrophic legal injury” by refusing to carry out the will of the people and acknowledging the Equal Rights Amendment became the 28th Amendment to the Constitution when Virginia ratified the measure on January 27th of 2020.

People like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg & Gloria Steinem who are Feminist Living Legends are about to see their dream of having the ERA Ratified happen in their lifetime.

Kamala Lopez's "Equal Means Equal" highlights the plethora of reason WHY the Equal Rights Amendment is still relevant & very much needed in this day & age.